7.13.0-SNAPSHOT is not working

I’m just downloaded Cockpit from camunda-bpm-webapp. When running mvn clean install I found this exception:

The pom.xml was like that:
<parent> <groupId>org.camunda.bpm</groupId> <artifactId>camunda-database-settings</artifactId> <version>7.13.0-SNAPSHOT</version> <relativePath>../camunda-bpm-platform/database</relativePath> </parent>
But when I changed the version to 7.13.0-alpha2 everythings works fine.

Does anybody knows why this happens ? and what are the side effects of using alpha2 instead of SNAPSHOT ?

What branch are you on? I’m seeing 7.14.0-SNAPSHOT.

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I think @daveychu is right - 7.14.0 will be released next week - so you can use either the snapshot or latest alpha for that.

Thanks @daveychu and @Niall for your quick replies. But I am not on the latest version of master. I have branched from this commit . Does anyone knows what happens to this version “7.13.0-SNAPSHOT”?

It probably got removed after 7.13.0 was released. Since a Maven SNAPSHOT version points at an unstable artifact its use is limited to the development of that particular version. It probably makes more sense to branch from a commit that has been tagged for release. Those commits should refer to non-SNAPSHOT versions. What are you trying to achieve exactly?

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