A few questions about assigning users and dynamic User Tasks

Hello there,
I am completely new to BPM modeling and need some information.
I’ll just get started and hopefully someone has some simple anwsers for me.

  1. I have created a JSF form and would like to imput the user for the next task. How can I load a list of users on the server and let later asign the next task to the selected user? I believe this can be done but I dont know how and maybe someone can help me or point me to the section of the User Guide I missed about this.

  2. This one is a bit more tricky. I want to know if its possible to dynamicaly generate user tasks depending on how many users were selected in the first task.
    For example the Initiator gets a form where he can select the user for the next task.He has to select at least one user, but he also has an option to add additional users. If he only selects one user the next tas goes to that user. If he selects multiple users, there are multiple same tasks created each one for the specific user. And when all of the users have completed the task (which is basicaly the same expcept for the asignee ) the process continues.

I hope that was somewhat clear. Basicaly I want to create a process that has a similar function then the below diagram, but no matter how many users there are.

Thank you for your help :slight_smile:

The first thing that might help you is that you can put an expression in the Assignee field of the user task, which would assign the task to the contents of the variable in run time.

For your other problem there is a very easy solution. Multi-Instance tasks. This can start up the task x number of times. From an implementation point of View it would look like this:

Hope that helps


Thanks that will help :slight_smile:
Could you or perhaps anyone else provide an example?
If someone has something like that I would be very gratefull :slight_smile:
If not I will figure something our :smiley:
Thanks again.

There are a bunch of really good examples available here.

Hi Niall,

Thanks for the posts. Can you please update the link in your last post to the list of examples?