A form to be filled individually by each assignee

I’m using camunda spring boot and I have a process where the initiator selects the assignees in the process start event embedded form.
A form is then sent to theses assignees, the thing is, this form must be filled individually by each assignee
I figured a new instance must be created for each assignee but I couldn’t find how.
Any help is much appreciated

Hi @kawtar.marref,
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What you describe sounds like an exemplary case for multi-instance activities.
You can, for example, wrap the user task(s) in a multi-instance subprocess, which instantiates the task/process for each assignee (given a list of assignees).

Check out the following documentation:

If you have further questions, do not hesitate to ask.

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This is exactly what I was looking for, thanks a lot @StephanHaarmann
I managed to configure the multi-instance parallel subprocess but when I start the process, and the assignees fill their forms, it seems like they’re sharing the same variables, I want each assignee to have their own variables or their own instance, could you please help me with that?

There are different ways of accomplishing this:

  • You can use input and output mappings to create local variables: use the input mapping to create local variables (i.e., with empty values) use the output mapping for aggregation
  • You can split the user task into a separate process and call it via a multi-instance call activity. This process has its own variables
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I think the second way suits better my use case, thanks a lot for the tip!