About the Knowledge from Slack category

Posts in this category come from conversations in the Zeebe Slack.

They are conversation threads that someone found valuable, and thought others would benefit from (including their future self when the conversation rolled over the 10k message horizon!)

They are sent here by our friendly Slack Archivist, a bot that we wrote to allow anyone to create a post from a thread from within Slack.

To use the bot in Slack, tag the bot in a reply to a thread that you want to archive: @archivist, with the text you want as the post title. Try to make it something that someone would be looking for - a question, rather than an answer.

For example: “@archivist How do I structure a system with Zeebe and RabbitMQ?

The Archivist will roll up the entire thread and create a post with that title in this section of the forum.