Access other Process applications

we created a process application with a custom rest-endpoint, which is used to load element-template for the modeler.
Now, we want to create new process applications which are providing their own element templates also. Problem here: Each PA would have to provide its own custom element template endpoint :frowning:

Question: Is it possible to create an endpoint which got access to a [PROCESS_APPLICATION]/resources/folder for all registered process applications? So, we can create one endpoint an β€œscan” for all element template files in all other PAs?

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Hi @Alex.Ph,

I guess that you can create an application that scans the deployment folder of the application server. But there is no mapping in Camunda that retrieve the folder of a registered process application. You can only get the names of the registered process application.

Is it possible that the application just contains all element templates?
Alternatively, the process applications could upload the element template to a database or to the application.

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Hi, thanks for your response.
We solved this issue by scanning our deployed jar files for json files in a resources/elementtemplates folder, extract and returns the element templates from it.
The deployed jar files only contains JavaDelegates, BPMn files and now this new element templates folder.

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