adminUser + camunda.cfg.xml

i have created a process engine plugin i would like to integrate in my project now. I am configuring the plugin in the camunda.cfg.xml to override the default behaivior of the process engine.

<bean id="processEngineConfiguration" class="org.camunda.bpm.engine.impl.cfg.StandaloneInMemProcessEngineConfiguration"> <property name="processEnginePlugins"> <list> <ref bean="processEnginePlugin"/> </list> </property> </bean> <bean id="processEnginePlugin" class="package.ProcessEnginePlugin"> </bean>

Now, in the project i am configuring the plugin, a process is deployed at the start of the application just like described in setup ( ). The process that is deployed causes an incident after the first userTask is completed and the plugin should handle the incident.
Now, as soon as the camunda.cfg.xml is inside the resource folder of my project, neither the nor the application.yaml which set the admin/default user are loaded anymore so i have to create a new user when the server is started and the processes are deployed. After creating the user and logging in the process isn’t deployed anymore.

I believe a possible solution is to configure the default/admin user in the camunda.cfg.xml, but i haven’t found any documentation on that.