After camunda start I have to every time create admin user but users have been already created during startup by @PostDeploy script


every time when I launch Camunda with

mvn jetty:run -Pdev-custom -Djetty.port=8085

I see a page for creating/configuring new administrative user.

Why is this page shown?

You are trying to access the process engine "**default** ". This process engine is configured to use the built-in identity service (database) but has no administrative users configured. This page allows you to create a user for accessing the process engine.register new user form, then 

and then:

Camunda Setup

**User created** You have created an initial user.

Head over to the [sign in page](http://localhost:8085/camunda/app/admin/default/#/login) to login using the newly created credentials.

but it is displayed even in case users have been created already in the script and I am able successfully sign in with them. So why is displayed creating a new one for me? Anyone? I am missing something when creating an users? For example I am missing marking as admin user? Thanks a lot!

The script looks like:

    protected User createUser(final ProcessEngine engine,
            String userId, String firstName, String lastName, String email) throws Exception {
        try {
            User user = engine.getIdentityService().newUser(userId);
            return user;
        } catch (Exception e) {
            return null;

called in class an method

@ProcessApplication("Bulovka Process Application")
public class BulovkaProcessApplication extends ServletProcessApplication {

   public void init(final ProcessEngine engine) throws Exception {

Solved with code here

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