Angular Dynamic Json Form vs FormIO for Tasklist

We are to develop BPM driven application with Angular UI and SQL DB backend.
I am evaluating any advantage to keep a separate layer for form-schema serving between Camunda and UI.
What would I miss, if I am to use dynamic form APIs that Angular provides vs. If integrate FormIO. (other than drag-drop)
Is there any FormIO plugin out there (@StephenOTT or anyone) that helps my use-case - the tasklist functionality is served from dedicated UI in the application?

There is lots of conversations on the forum: search the forum for “formio”

Thank you Stephen for the prompt response. I had seen this; however, I thought it is useful only if I want to embed the form within Camunda provided tasklist UI. Am I mistaken? Is there some advantage if I have a dedicated UI?

The Camunda angular forms are forms dedicated to the Camunda UI. If you created your own custom Ui then you build your form rendering solution as you see fit. The rest api provides the ability to retrieve the deployment resources (files). Formio, angular, and the newer Json forms in Camunda 7.15 all use the same patterns to render based on files you deploy in the same deployment as your BPMN.