Anyone working on GIS/Spatial aspects in relation to BPMN processes?

Looking for anyone that is working on anything related to GIS/spatial queries related to BPMN processes.

Few use cases / examples that are coming to mind:

  1. Find all processes related to a specific area/radius
  2. Catch Messages or Signals based on a GIS aspect (Signal is Caught if the location variable is within a radius)
  3. Expressions based on GIS locations or layering data (if within a Region or Postal code, or Administrative area, etc)

Hi Stephen,

The most Ive done with Camunda is to use the google mapping APIs to find the nearest point of service given a postcode…

In a past life I used a mapping extension from PostgreSQL. Hence if you are using a PostgreSQL DB, this link may be of interest. PostGIS supports a very rich spatial query capability.

I would also suggest that spatial data should be data in your intrinsic business object information model. If thats the case, you could use listeners etc to maintain an index table or similar where you store an association between your process instance IDs and the corresponding business object. Hence you can run a spatial data query over your business objects and retrieve the set of associated process instances…