Are camunda REST resources documented in swagger or open api?


Is there a way to have an overview of all the available REST resources in a web page, like using swagger-ui or open api? This would be very useful, thank you

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We’ve started describing all of our REST Calls in the OpenAPI standard. We don’t have them complete yet, but it’s only a matter of time.
Check out these docs for more details.


One small additional question: how can I use the generator? and under which endpoint the open api doc is available? Thank you (Note: This was not specified in the doc)

Are you looking for the JSON file that describes the OpenAPI?
The full jar can be found here:

And the single file can be found here:


I was looking for a REST endpoint like the following:


Where I can visualize and call the REST apis.

Hi @mk08,

So far such option doesn’t exist.
We have a couple of tickets open for that but we haven’t (Edit) started with the implementation so far:

An alternative till then might be, download the documentation from the link that Niall provided and load it in the editor.



@Yana: Is there a way to vote on the above tickets? I would also like to see swagger-ui (or some other similar alternative) available as part of the rest engine.

I figured out how to register for the above Jira instance and have voted for the tickets. Please let me know if there is another way to :+1: feature requests such as these.


Hi @nmische,

Thank you for you interest.
Another option to move the ticket further is community contribution. Please let us know in case you are interested in providing a pull request for this, we will try to help you out along the way.

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Hi everyone

i wanted to know that is there a repo to contribute on open api spec?

i use it to validate camunda rest api responses
and for example VariableValueDto type says it’s object but it can be string or number too
instead of object type, it should be Open API AnyType

show me a way to contribute for it or place these little inconsistencies in schedule please

thank you all

Hi @maorethians
Very happy you’re interested in contributing.
It’s an open source project so we’d very happy to accept a pull request.
Here’s the repo in question