Are Loop Markers Supported in the Engine?

The documentation here: states: “The loop marker is not natively supported yet by the engine”.

Is this true that the engine does not support loop markers? I see that the Camunda Modeler allows adding a Loop Marker to a task, but I don’t see anyway in the Modeler to specify loop control parameters (such as number of loop iterations).

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Hi Stephen,

currently, the Camunda engine doesn’t support loop markers. You can model it in the Camunda Modeler but the marker is ignored in the engine.

Are you sure that you want to use a loop marker? You may want to use multi-instance since a loop marker would specify a boolean expression to control the number of iterations (i.e., while statement semantic) instead of a fixed number.

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Thank you for the response. You’re right, after further investigation I see that I should use a multi-instance marker instead of a loop marker.