Are we not to use assigneeNotIn as I don't see it documented in the Task REST API?

Looking over the 7.14.0 code base I see it inside TaskQueryDto:

  @CamundaQueryParam(value = "assigneeIn", converter = StringArrayConverter.class)
  public void setAssigneeIn(String[] assigneeIn) {
    this.assigneeIn = assigneeIn;

  @CamundaQueryParam(value = "assigneeNotIn", converter = StringArrayConverter.class)
  public void setAssigneeNotIn(String[] assigneeNotIn) {
    this.assigneeNotIn = assigneeNotIn;

However, I don’t see it documented at:

Only its positive assigneeIn is documented. Does that mean assigneeNotIn is not fully implemented yet?

Hi @paulbors

Because 7.14 has yet to be officially released it could just be that the documentation isn’t released yet.
October 13th is the release date so i’d expect something at that point :slight_smile: