Assignment Listener in Camunda 8

I currently evaluate to move our Camunda usage from Camunda 7 to Camunda 8.

In our current implementation we use nearly on each user task an assignment listener. In the listener implementation (which can be process dependent) we validate the user change and store the changed user key for further usage.

Is there an option to react on the assignment change in Camunda 8?

I have read following post:

Are there plans to add such capability in the future?

BR Bernd

Hi @BerndVarga,

thank you for raising this up.

Currently, the user task assignment is not handled inside Zeebe. All user tasks are handled by Camunda Tasklist.

Would it help you if Camunda Tasklist would provide a listener? For example, in the form of a GraphQL subscription?

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cc: @felix-mueller

Hi @Philipp_Ossler ,

thanks for your response.

In the meantime I have an other view on that topic. In our case we can cover that requirements on our own tasklist service and process service level to handle the assignment changes there.

But for sure we have no entry point, if the assignee was changed outside of our stack. This with GraphQL subscription can fix it, but current I don’t see it as a high prio topic.

BR Bernd

@Philipp_Ossler @BerndVarga I think there is a way, according to this, zeebe-script-worker , the assignment can be defined as a expression , and when the ScriptJobHandler run, we can get the result and pass the variable back, then we get the assignment user.

But this will run only once in the creation phase of the user task, or?

Yes. Unless you have an implementation of the user task worker that exposes lifecycle changes via notification, the only notification you could get is async.

You could model it with a script worker for assignment of the task, then an incoming message for the task completion (and even for assignment / assignment change). However, you lose the semantics of user task in the model.


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