Attach File to Activity

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Context: For a verification process I would like to attach a checklist for certain activities.
So everytime the process starts these checklists should be attached to the process. If than a certain activity is called, the user should be able to download the checklist.

Is that somehow possible trough a start-form and Java-Script?

Thank you very much!

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Hi @wienchma,

is the checklist the same for every process? In that case, it would be more appropriate to store it outside of the engine and provide a link for the download.

If the lists are different each time, you can use the file upload in an embedded form.


Thanks for your reply! Unfortunaley with this function I’am only able to upload a file during the process. What I would like is to upload the files with the deployment. If than a task starts, they file is attached to this task.

Is there any way to do that?

Yes, you can access files in the same deployment as the task. We have an example here which shows how you can add a picture which is added to the deployment.

You can use this to create a link to a pdf.

Hope this helps!