Authorisation Clarification

Hi Team,

I have a Main Process A which calls a re-usable sub process Sub Process B. The call is via a call task.

I would like users to be able to see and start Main Process A from tasklist, and the ability to drill down into the history of both Process A and itc corresponding Sub Process B.

I can achieve this, but only by giving the group read access to both process definitions and start instance access to Main Process A. The downside is Sub Process B now appears in the tasklist start process menu. The good news is a user cannot start an instance of this process definition, but it seems superfluous and a confusing user experience.

Hence is there an authorisation recipe which can achieve my desired goal? Should tasklist start menu only display process definitions I have Start Instance permission?



Hi Rob,

currently, I see no way to achieve your goal with the authorisation. You can create a feature request for it :slight_smile:

Best regards,