Authorization does not work with other groups than camunda-admin group

PS : Give access to only specific process to specific user/group.

Attempt -

  • Enabled authorization as ‘true’ in yml
  • Created user1 and group1
  • Assigned group1 to user1
  • Assigned authorization & application permission with FULL access rights.
  • Assigned specific process name to group, in Process Definition configuration.


  • user1 gets 0 processes in the cockpit
  • After assigning group as çamunda-admin to user1, the specific process gets displayed as per expectation.
  • If assigned any other user than camunda-admin, this is not working.

Any guess??

Got it solved, with below observation,

If I provide tenantId in processess.xml it doesn’t work, but if it removes, it works.
I didn’t get article regarding it, to understand why this is the behaviour.