Authorization Management


I’ve tried to follow these steps grant-basic-permissions in order to grant access for a certain user only to see the tasklist. However, when I log in with that user, he can still display the cockpit and has access to all resources. I couldn’t find out what is going wrong. All the rules that I’m using don’t seem to be working and I can’t understand why…

Thanks in advance.

What configuration exactly have you used?

I used a spring boot app to start the engine then I manually added users, groups and granted access to certain resources like shown in the documentation… but as I log in I find out that each user can display all resources no matter what rule I impose… I mean a user can’t carry out a task that is not assigned to him ( for example the user task form shows up blurry to him ) but he still has the same privileges as an admin…
I just want to know how to prevent a user from displaying the cockpit or the tasklist… or prevent him from starting processes or managing other users…

Have you set


in / yaml ?


I didn’t and now I tried and it worked !
Thank you so much @rob2universe God bless you ^^

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Sorry for disturbing again, but now I can no longer see the running processes or start a new process even as an admin… any idea why that happened ?

Please check which permissions are granted to the group(s) the user has.
Also see: