Automatic resource deployment for camunda DMN engine

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As for my project requirement , I want load the DMN files Dynamically from Externalized location without restart the server.

I do found the camunda Documentation for
processEngineConfiguration Automatic Resource Deployment , but not for DMN engine.

So kindly help on this , How we can load the DMN file dynamically without restarting the server.


You could use the DMN engine directly without deploying the DMN at all like this:


But how we can load the DMN file Dynamically without restart the server.

As for the your instruction, file we load for each very performance and memory issue will appear.

The DMN file load Dynamically based on changes done in the file,Not for each request to load the file.

We need to get the DMN values dynamically and Load the file only when we had any changes in the file.


Instead of the above mentioned solution, you could deploy your changed DMN file using REST or JAVA api to camunda. Camunda will automatically create a new version if the xml has been changed. Then you can use the decision service and evaluate the decision:

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If any modification in the DMN file, we need to upload manually right? how camunda load the DMN file automatically ?

As we are using the camunda embedded with application architecture.


And also,

As process engine having the feature of below,How we can implement same for DMN engine to load the DMN decision automatically when we change any decision in the DMN file.

<bean id="processEngineConfiguration"
  <property name="deploymentResources"
            value="classpath*:/mytest/autodeploy.*.bpmn20" />
  <property name="deploymentResources">

<bean id="processEngine"
  <property name="processEngineConfiguration" ref="processEngineConfiguration" />