Backing up camunda 8 to an s3 bucket

I am trying to backup some components of self hosted camunda to an s3 bucket. i have searched but i can’t find anything that will help with that. i need to initiate a backup from zeebee, create a back up of the elasticsearch on kubernetes and backup to an s3 bucket… can anyone point me in the right direction. the end goal is run this backup programmatically as a container in kubernetes

Hi @stressedoutuser - Operate, Optimize, and Tasklist use Elasticsearch for storage, and you need to configure a snapshot repository for that data to be saved to. Elasticsearch does support S3 as a snapshot repository. Zeebe has a separate storage mechanism, but you can also configure its backups to go to S3. You can find much more detailed information about the backup process and available configuration options in our docs. Hope that helps!