Best practice for processes based on external tasks

Dear community, I want to know if there are any recommendations, best practices or experience in deploying processes based on external tasks.
Basically I have a business process which consists almost entirely on External Service Tasks which subscribe to the engine via REST. My question is focused mainly on how do typically customers run the external tasks?
Do they run each single task inside a container?
Do they run all tasks of the WF inside a container?
Do they run all tasks on top of their application server OS (Linux, Windows)?

Any tip is more than welcome!

Our external tasks run as python apps within AWS Fargate containers running alpine linux. They contain the client and code to execute the task in one. In prior implementations we ran a separate ‘dispatcher’ application and the topic work was performed by lambdas.

Thank you Bill for the quick reply, so if i understand you correctly you have 1 container for each task and the code is written in Python. Correct?

Hi @matiass
I handle external tasks with Azure functions. Completely independent of Camunda’s environment. If you want, I can provide more details.

Hi wikiam, yes for sure i would like to know more if thsts ok with you. Im looking for other experiences to make the best decision possible.


Yes. We use the same template for each task.