Best Practice of hosting and monitoring external workers

Hi we are currently exploring Camunda 8 Saas . Just wondering what the best practice is for hosting workers. And how to monitor them. Should jou build them in AWS lamda or in a EC2 instance?
Our prefered programming language is Nodejs.

Hi @erikp,

AWS Lambda is not a good match for workers. Lambda is reactive and requires an external trigger. However, with Zeebe, workers must poll for tasks. This means that the worker needs to be running all the time.

There is one exception to this: you could use the REST connector in the hosted SaaS offering of Camunda 8 to make a call to a REST endpoint to trigger a Lambda.

Otherwise, I would build them as dockerised services - that way you can deploy them on K8s - or even on an EC2 instance if you want.


Hi Josh,
Thanks for the heads up.

Cheers Erik