Boundary Event and Service Tasks


I’m facing some issue and I want to understand what should be the best approach to solve it. :slight_smile:

The login is calling some endpoint through http-connector, then it goes to a user task to do some manual confirmation. After X seconds if no one confirms it, it will try to login again or just finish the instance with some error.

The problem is in the following scenario, if boundary event is triggered and the login fails, the instance will be stuck in the “do something” task and the boundary event will not be triggered anymore. (As the login action after X seconds is necessary, it stays completely stuck).

One solution that I can image is creating some wait state that finishes after some time, but it is too much verbose, and as I will do such thing a lot of time in the process it seems to not be the perfect solution.

Please advise, what in your opinion should be the best way to solve it.

Thanks, Felipe

You could mark the login task as “Async before” using the tick-box in the modeler. that would create a transaction boundary that would ensure it would not roll back to the user task.

Hi Niall, thanks for answering !

Actually rollback to the User Task is what I want. What I’m not understanding is why the Boundary event is not being triggered anymore after the rollback.

In the gateway I check how many times it fails, after X times I set the error, so rollback is not a problem since it executes the boundary event again, do you have idea how to solve it ?

Ps: even if the boundary is defined as a cycle it does not executes anymore.