BPMN 2.0 full support / Camunda Features

I just want to ask if there are any plans to support the full feature set of BMPN 2.0 and other “camunda” features?

The background is that I think zeebe is the right tool for now. But in the future, we need features like signals, workflow migrations, optimize and manual “drag-and-drop” tokens to another state.

All these features are currently available in camunda and I would love to see thees in operate as well. Is it intended to implement these features in 2020?

Thanks for your help!

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Hi @StefanB,

BPMN is an important topic for us. We plan to support more BPMN elements in 2020. Same for features that enable users to run Zeebe in production (e.g. token move or instance migration).

However, we have limited resources and other important topics to do, for example, improving the cluster stability. We will try to find a good balance, listen to the community and do that is most important :wink:

Have a look at your roadmap:

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@StefanB great questions, in general the answer is yes.
More importantly when I look for an open source project, I check that they can keep delivering value in short periods of time (months) instead of over long periods (years).
As you can see @philipp.ossler shared the roadmap, not all the Camunda BPM features will be provided right away, but they will keep coming month by month, quarter by quarter.

It is also important to mention that if you want to influence the order of those features, please be vocal and go to the GitHub issues and up vote them, write a comment of why those features are important for you and also create new feature requests if there is something missing.