BPMN deployment on kubernetes

Hi everyone,

We are planning on deploying quite many BPMN files to our zeebe broker that runs on our own kubernetes cluster (helm chart with Camunda Cloud Self Managed).

For now, we are simply putting all our BPMN files alongside a software package connected to the Zeebe broker, and deploying them on startup.
In a nutshell, this is the basic approach made available by spring-zeebe.

However, the number of BPMN files will keep on growing, and the naive approach outlined above doesn’t allow us to upgrade / keep / downgrade BPMN files individually.

So I am interested in knowing how other teams deal with this use case.

Has someone looked at deploying BPMN files as custom kubernetes resources and deploying them to the zeebe using the controller pattern?
Or are you all deploying BPMN files with a CI/CD solution in the deployment stage?

Am I overlooking a simpler solution?


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zbctl in CI would do it. I’ve used a GitHub action to deploy BPMN resources on push to master.

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Thanks for your answer.

I am crossing my fingers and hoping this will somehow be possible using cawemo in the future…
Will let you know if we invest the time to look at the controller pattern.