BPMN Extension for 3D printing

Hi all,

I am about to develop a BPMN extension for 3D printing which shall be implemented in a BPMS.
At the time I am upraising the requirements for this extension but I also wanted to concurrently search a platform where I can implement the extension.

I have read a topic about extending the bpmn.io with costum elements. Is it possible to extend the camunda BPM or the bpmn.io for my needs?

Thanks for any responses!

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Hi Marius,

What kind of things do you have in mind? Can you give a simple example? From your description, the extension could be anything.

Also: Do you mean to provide this as an extension to the Camunda community? If this is not the case, then I will move this topic to a more appropriate category.


Hi Thorben,

okay, I will try.
One thing could be ‘creating a new 3D-printer-data’ which then will be sent or reached further by a person to the ‘3D-printer’ (I guess the 3D-printer will also get an own unique new element).
The plan is to embed the whole 3D-printer environment in the workflow.

This extension is for my bachelor thesis and as mentioned before there are no further requirements upraised until now.

It is not meant as an extension for the Camunda community, I just landed here on the search for a large and active bpmn-forum.

Thanks for your efforts.

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We have already solved this Problem at Camunda:


Hi Daniel,

I’m not quite sure, how that will help me :smirk:
But I guess the issue is to abstract until now.
So I’ll let you know when I’ve got what I need to go on and contact you again.

Thanks so far.

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