BPMN Moduler Starting

Hello Guys,
I am a student and new to BPMN. I have created a model by using modeler. now i want to test that model but i dont want to use eclipse and other java ide. please suggest me if there is any other way to test the model. Similar to visio. Thanks for the help.

You can download a rest client like Postman or Advanced Rest Client and then use camunda’s REST API to deploy a process.

Please note that this does not allow you to “package” the project with supporting external files or Java classes. If you’re strictly using BPMN, then Niall is right on in his advice.

If you’re using a Linux workstation or you happen to have access to the GNU utility “curl” (there is a version for Windows, though you may have to load Cygwin), then you do something like this which is for a DMN table:

curl -k -v http://localhost:8080/engine-rest/deployment/create -F deployment-name=“camundaRestApiUrls” -F table.dmn=@“C:/Users/me/bpmn/camundaRestApiUrls.dmn”

Unfortunately, I got this from another source so I don’t have a reference for the “table.dmn” parameter that would be appropriate to BPMN. You would need to modify it to suit your needs and environment.

This suggests the Camunda should put a simple deployment mechanism in Modeler itself.