BpmnParseListener in Dockerized Camunda


I have implemented Parse Listener and registered it in bpm-platform.xml. Everything works fine if server is installed in operating system without Docker. When I try to run it in container, Camunda just stops working, deployment crashes and acts weird. There are no exceptions logged. Homepage of Camunda webapps redirect me to setup an account for the first time (!), located at: /camunda/app/admin/default/setup/#/setup. Same thing happens in Linux and Windows Docker.

Listener has a job to publish events to RabbitMQ and it is nearly trivial.

Settings and environment
Camunda version: 7.5.0 + Tomcat 8.0.24
Java 1.8.0_91
bpm-platform.xml (depersonalized):

      <property name="userName"></property>
      <property name="password"></property>
      <property name="virtualHost"></property>
      <property name="hostName"></property>
      <property name="portNumber">0</property>
      <property name="exchangeName"></property>
      <property name="exchangeType">topic</property>
      <property name="defaultRoutingKey">process_events</property>

Has anybody had such problems with Docker?



Hi @Nebojsa_Dinic,

I did not really understand, when is deployment crashing. Camunda is redirecting you to admin page, as there is no admin user in the database. are you using embedded database?