Bug in shared data base for oracle 12.c.r2

2 Application having shared camunda database in oracle 12.c.r2 and having same additional domain database.
For the 1st time both applications running but not further. Any one is running and another one is waiting after print the message process engine created.
If we stop the running application then only another one application is finish run.
Note: for camunda database as oracle alone have this problem. If we change mysql it is working.

It could be related to the DB’s isolation level configuration causing a deadlock:


We have the isolation level as READ COMMITTED for oracle camunda DB. Another one thing is no deadlock occur, one application is waiting for another. If we stop running one, another one application is finish run successfully.

When i set the property deploymentLockUsed is false then it is working in oracle. There is a bug in Camunda for oracle DB.
note: Without set any property working in MySql.