C8 Is there any documentation on Geo-Replication?

I see a comment about geo-replication, but I can’t seem to find any instructions on setting it up. Anything yet?
Will geo-replication be Active/Active? Or will there be an Active/Passive with a “flip the switch”?

I guess @falko.menge can shade some light here. I can remember that we wannted to add this to the docs as separate section, like examples or patterns right?

Hi there … anything?

Hi @DGilmour22,

I’ve heard in a presentation from one of my colleages yesterday, that geo replication is possible. But right now it is not supported by the standard setup.

You have to configure the replication that it chooses broker in another region/center to replicate with.

The plan is to improve the configuration setup to make it easier for everybody.

Downside of geo replication is a higher latency for each process instance command, but it didn’t turn down the overall response time of the cluster and pile up, as it would be the case with a replicated relational database.

Hope this helps, Ingo