Call Activity - Load variable data of a parent process in the nth level of the process

Hi all,

I’m calling a BPMN process within a BPMN process, and that process is calling another BPMN process. So basically the hierarchy of calling the BPMN processes looks like this

Process A (calling) → Process B and Process B (calling) → Process C.

I am able to consume the variable data of Process A in Process B. However, I can’t able to use the Variable data of Process A in Process C.

Is there any way I can send the data of the parent process to the nth level of the process???

Hey i don’t know where is the problem if you can use variable from process A in process B then there is no problem of using that variable also in process C. Maybe you made some mistake on the diagram, can you share it? Remember that you probably remapped that variable on Call Activity in Process B (configuration on Process A) and maybe you used other variable name for that?

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