Call activity parent variables

In my workflow, I need the called activty variables to get updated when an Event message of the parent process occurs.

In the main process some events may occur , and the DMN table will update all process variables.
I need to detect these changes in the case model with “variableOnPart”.
With inpuut/output mapping variables are only set when the call activity is started.

How can I bind parent and child process variables?

Thank you

Hi @Ramzi_Sadok,

Maybe the VariableListener might be what you are looking for.


Thanks, but my problem is that I can’t “detect” variables updates in the CMMN , when the update event is triggered in the parent scope.
For example when executing the CMMN call activity and a message event occurs (in the main process) , some variables are updated in the parent procces but the amendment is not propagated to the active called activty.

Hi @Ramzi_Sadok,

Sorry, I misunderstood you. In order to solve your problem you could just add ServiceTask after the DMN table or add a Listener to the DMN table. There you would set the variable that triggers the “variableOnPart”. This could for example look like the follwoing:

Map<String, Object> variables = new HashMap<String, Object>();
    variables.put("myVariable", "myValue");
    caseService.setVariables(caseExecutionId, variables);

Does that help?


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Thank you @JoHeinem .Since there is no solution at the modelisation level, your suggestion seems to be the most appropriate for this case.