Callback to BPMN via Rest


I am trying to use a message task to halt the bpmn process while I wait for a callback. I read the documentation and forums to see that I need to use a messageName, businessKey, and process variables. I saw the sample payload would look something like this…

{“messageName” : “aMessage”,
“businessKey” : “aBusinessKey”,
“correlationKeys” : {
“aVariable” : {“value” : “aValue”, “type”: “String”}
“processVariables” : {
“aVariable” : {“value” : “aNewValue”, “type”: “String”},
“anotherVariable” : {“value” : true, “type”: “Boolean”}

  1. I believe the messageName is the name in the messageTask on the bpmn flow.
  2. Where do I get the businessKey from?
  3. If I set a processVariable will I be able to get it from execution.getVariable(“variableName”) in the code?
  4. What is the URL i would send this POST request to?
  1. http://hostname:port/message i think


  1. yes
  2. it is an optional property, you can find info for businessKey here -
  3. correct, also processVariable it is an optional property
  4. yep POST http:/hostname:port/message

for reference

Depending on the application server you’ve using, you’ll also need to add the end point.

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