Camnuda modeler properties panel does not show all attirbutes

Hi every one,
I am new to Camunda. I have installed the modelet version 4.8.1 and wanted to start with a simple process considering the one in Camunda docs. But when I add a service task, I can see only some of its attributes in properties panel. For example, I can not see “implementation” in mine:
Screenshot from 2022-03-16 14-46-26

While, according to Camunda docs, I should be able to see “Topic”, “Implementation”, … . Other elements also have similar problem.

I do really appreciate if any one can guide me through this.
It is also noted that I have installed the latest version of Camunda Platform, but I couldn’t install the latest version of Modeler, as I found out it requires Ubuntu 20.04 LTS or newer. So I installed version 4.8.1 of Modeler, rather that 4.12.

This is probably because Camunda has two distinctly different products
Camunda Cloud and Camunda Platform.
The modeler can create models for either, but basically once you’ve picked your platform the properties panel adjusts the options for the platform in question.

By the looks of things you’ve created a Camunda Cloud modele, so you just need to create a new file and make sure to select Camunda Platform.

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Oh yeah. I have selected Camunda Cloud by mistake.
Thank you very much

You might also try updating your Modeler to the most recent version (currently 4.12) which has a lot more features and improvements.


yes, thanks. Then I need to first update my ubuntu.