Camudna engine is reaching maximum open connection

I am working with Camunda engine and I noticed that camunda data base is reaching maximum open connection limit (I am suing Postgres DB and chanegs maxActive as 100).

It seems like Camudna is taking some time to release DB connection after API call executed.

I need to execute 2000 API call at time as i need start 2000 process at time (Its difficult to allow 2000 connection limit in Postgres server in my case).

any suggestion please

This may or may not be a bad thing and may depend on your architecture. Consider a Tomcat deployment. Tomcat will typically provide a connection pool. Hence connections to the DB will remain open and be recycled by the connection pool. You can configure the connection pool to more aggressively close idle connections if you really want to see the number of connections go down.

Do you really need to support 2000 concurrent requests, or do you need to accept 2000 request in a short period of time? If its 2000 concurrent requests, you may want to consider a database sharding approach…



I am calling camunda API while some user actions are happening on my application, my application may have more than 2000 user actions at a time.