Camunda 7 cockpit features

Hello everyone, I have some questions regarding Camunda 7 cockpit dashboard.
I am using community license and I am integrating Camunda with my custom app. So, I use the REST API to make every functionality like getting tasks, claiming and completing them etc.

First of all, the available ‘components’ in the dashboard are there shown at first? (“Right now” and “Deployed”) or is there an option to add more features?

2nd, there is no option to review completed or canceled process instances? Similar to Camunda 8 operate.

Regarding incidents, when making a bad request with the rest api, I only get information by the request response. I don’t have any messages or feedback in the cockpit dashboard, Is this right?

Thank you for your time to help me understand this better!

In the open source version of Cockpit the history of process instances is not available in the front end. But you can still access it via the API

Incident handling works the same for both the open source and enterprise version of cockpit. An incident appearing in cockpit completely depends on where the tread has been started from.

For instance if you make a rest call to start a process and there is not wait state before any code is run the error will be returned to the sender. But if you add an asynchronous after tick on the start event it will commit immediately after you start the process and the engine will pick the process up from that point and execute the code itself. If it then throws an errors it’s on the engine’s own thread so it’ll appear as an incident.

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