Camunda 8 HTTP/2 protocol

Dear colleagues,

We are installing Camunda 8 on Openshift (version 4.7.0).
Everything works fine exept for the connection to Camunda Modeler because it connects via HTTP/2 protocol (log attached):

io.grpc.netty.NettyServerTransport.connections - Transport failed
io.netty.handler.codec.http2.Http2Exception: Unexpected HTTP/1.x request: GET /deployment?maxResults=0

Our configuration restrictions on the Openshift server do not allow HTTP/2 protocol, as it has negative impact on the other services currently running on the Openshift cluster.

Is it possible to disable HTTP/2 protocol and use only HTTP/1 on Camunda 8?

Hey @baigarinvv

welcome to the forum and thanks for trying Zeebe!

The Zeebe clients are based on grpc which relies on features of Http/2 so I see no way to use http/1 for this.