Camunda 8 REST Connector for body other than JSON?

New to Camunda Platform 8 here. Have previously used Camunda 7 embedded in Spring Boot.
Was planning to opt for the enterprise SaaS edition for a simple use-case.

A step requires making a POST HTTP call with formdata (application/x-www-form-urlencoded).
But I see that the REST Connector only supports JSON input right now.

So despite setting the body as a string constant (which is required), I’m assuming the REST connector is trying to convert it into a JSON string, by wrapping it in a pair of double quotes ("").
And hence, I can’t make the desired request I intend to.

I read about writing a service worker & deploying it, but I want to stick to a single Camunda process deployment for my use-case. Further, it’s too much of extra work for a small requirement.

Is there an alternative to send formdata with this connector? Any script task/alternate connector that I can use? Any leads would be helpful.

Hi @Swaraj_Dash, welcome to the C8 forums! There is currently no way to send application/x-www-form-urlencoded payloads with the REST Connector. You might be able to write a script task, but that does require a job worker to execute the script (zeebe-script-worker).

Does the endpoint you want to call only support formdata?

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