Camunda 8 Tasklist translation

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As far as I am aware, Optimize can be translated and is open to localization contributions. I know it is not possible for Operate and Tasklist. Does the Camunda team plan to allow Tasklist localization in the future?

Hi @okaeiz,

Thank you for your request. The localization of Tasklist, and other Camunda products, is on our roadmap. You can find the details here: Internationalization/ Localization · Issue #636 · camunda/issues · GitHub

Can you please share your needs and requirements for localization? It’ll help us prioritize the feature’s delivery.

Thanks you @Volodymyr_Melnyk !
As Persian speakers, we always value 3 important features and are ready to contribute:

  1. Right-to-left support which is not only useful for Persian, but Hebrew and Arabic.
  2. String translation which can be done for Optimize already.
  3. Persian proper font for UI which is of high importance because most Persian fonts are not easy to read. So we always propose the use of Vazirmatn which is a Google valid font and open-source.

Shall I raise an i18n issue in the repository you mentioned?

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@okaeiz As I remember, you already created an issue for Right-to-left support: Right-to-Left support for form elements (text field, text area, select, etc.) · Issue #4306 · camunda/camunda-modeler · GitHub.
String translations are already in the scope of our initial initiatives for localization.

Can you please create an issue with your requirements for font support in this repository: Issues · camunda/camunda · GitHub?

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I raised an issue discussing the font support. You can find it here.

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