Camunda-bpm-mail-core config/build issues

Hello! Trying to use the camunda-bpm-mail-core on a service task, but not getting anywhere…

Camunda Enterprise 7.6.0 embedded

I have included the dependancy in my POM…


I have verified that the Connect plugin is enable as defined here Here


My Service task looks simple…

<serviceTask id="sid-00EAB01D-B273-4E0D-9ED6-F194E6BADB1F" name="inform call center">
        <camunda:inputParameter name="from"></camunda:inputParameter>
        <camunda:inputParameter name="to"></camunda:inputParameter>
        <camunda:inputParameter name="subject">Test</camunda:inputParameter>
        <camunda:inputParameter name="text">Test</camunda:inputParameter>

However, when I build I get the error…

* One of the attributes 'class', 'delegateExpression', 'type', or 'expression' is mandatory on serviceTask. | incidentManagement.bpmn | line 303 | column 90

Any help appreciated!

Hi @cstreeter,

your BPMN process looks good, so far.

Can you please share the whole BPMN process?

Do you embed the Camunda engine side your own application?
How do you bootstrap the engine?

Maybe the Connect plugin is not registered correctly.

Best regards,