Camunda-Bpm-Osgi-Platform and REST API

Hello All,

I am following this ( and successfully able to start my Process_1 by using @PostDeploy method in my ExampleProcessApplication class.

Now i want to use REST API in karaf environment so that i can start process when i get some external triggering.

I installed camunda-bpm-karaf-feature-minimal by following this

I am not able to install feature:install camunda-bpm-karaf-feature-full(I am using apache karaf 3.0.7) error msg is as follows:

Missing requirements osgi.wiring.package=javax.transaction
I couldn’t find how to install version 1.3.

Do i need to install any other bundle for REST API in karaf environment and is there any example after

I also want to know by default what is the port of camunda-bpm-engine in karaf environment ?

Any help is appreciated.


Dear Keshav,

unfortunately, I’ve never tried to use the REST API within a Karaf. With that I cannot help you.
The missing requirement is a problem. Could you please open an issue for that on GitHub? It’ll take me a little bit longer to figure out the correct dependencies. Feel free, of course, to fix it and open a pull request on GitHub.


Dear ronny Sir,

I truly appreciate you time and effort.I will definitely open a pull request on GitHub.

Thanking you,
Keshav Taparia