Camunda Bpm run port issues

Hello @Niall
I saw your tutorial regarding getting started with Camunda Bpm Run.It was a good video tutorial the Problem which I am facing is the port issues actually 8080 port is being use as you can see in the image attached below so is there any chance to change the port?

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@Shoeb TCP Port 8080 was already being used by some other process in your machine.

Using Netstat command:

  1. Open a CMD prompt.
  2. Type in the command:
    netstat -ano -p tcp
  3. Look-out for the TCP port in the Local Address list and note the corresponding PID number.
  4. You can kill that process using the PID

(or) you can run the camunda run with different port, maybe in the range of [8081…8090]

@aravindhrs thanks for your reply :slightly_smiling_face:
yes That’s what i wanted to know …how do i run camunda on different port?

Currently how are you running the camunda run app?

Solution: You can override the port number with JVM args.

File Path: /

Update default.yml file with below content:

  port: 8081

You can change the port via server.port: 8081 property in RUN_HOME/configuration/default.yml file

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thanks @aravindhrs I am able to access it thank you so much :hugs:

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