Camunda-bpm-webapp build

I have successfully built the camunda-bpmn-webapp from source and made changes to the camunda-commons-ui. When I run my project with grunt auto-built everything works fine. What I have noticed is when I do a mvn clean install on the bpmn webapp the camunda-commons-ui npm link is broken/unlinked and points to the previous undeveloped code making the final war file contain the old camunda-commons-ui code. Is there any specific maven profile I need to run to prevent this or what would the correct process be to have the latest commons-ui npm linked content be included in the maven build.

Any help would be appreciated.

Just for anyone else wondering. The maven build does a npm install during the execution of the node-build profile when you do mvn clean install, it is this which breaks the npm link. I have added the following execute command below the npm install exec target:

                    <exec executable="npm" failonerror="true">
                      <arg value="link" />
                      <arg value="camunda-commons-ui" />

Hopefully anyone else finds this handy when running into the same error.

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