Camunda Community Year Review 2019 (including cool graphs)

Hi Community Folk,

The Gregorian calendar year of 2019 is coming to an end,so I thought it might be nice to look back over all the fun things we’ve been up to and recap how the Community has progressed this year. I’m going to do this using the awesome power of statistics!

More people are finding the Community!

The Forum this year had over 1.4 million page views! This shows that the community forum is the definitive place to get solutions and updates on all things Camunda. Thanks goes out to all the people who’ve given solutions on the forum. Keep in mind that when you lovely people answer a questions for another member of the Community, there are likely many, many more people who are helped by this answer!

The chart below shows the number of page views of that past 12 months.

New members are engaged

The vast majority of people coming to the Forum to get answers to their questions don’t need (or want) to create an account. Most people can find answers to their questions without needing to ask, because the Forum is a great archive of common problems people have, along with answers to those problems. So when people do make the effort to create an account, it’s very nice to see them stay engaged.

This year we had 1,115 new people join the Forum and stayed involved by creating topics, posts and likes. I very much want the Forum to be a place where people enjoy the experience of learning from questions and enjoy helping new users, with the goal that new users stick around and, in turn, help other new users in the Community. This is certainly starting to happen in a big way this year - thanks for sticking around after your questions were answered :slight_smile:

This chart shows the number of users per month who went from just being signed up to the forum to being regular contributors.

The Community is engaged… and FAST!

The average response time for someone who has posted a topic has dramatically dropped this year. People are getting solutions faster! As a community like ours grows there can sometimes be a fear that we won’t be able to help as efficiently as the incoming questions increase. To keep the Community going we need members who enjoy spending time helping others solve problems and we’re really lucky to have a great group both here in Camunda Towers as well as Camunda users around the world, contributing answers to people who post questions on the forum. Thanks to all involved!

This graph shows the average response time to posts in hours.

Questions and Answers

The final Forum stat I want to relay is pretty simple: how many topics and posts were created this year?

2,683 questions asked - The graph below shows the number of topics created per month this year

11,519 responses to questions - The graph below shows the number of posts created per month this year

When I first saw this graph I was very happy to see that our Community takes a well earned rest around May. :slight_smile:

Camunda Community members in Real Life!

This year I was lucky enough to meet a lot of the Community and Forum members out in the wild. Local Camunda Communities around the world ran a total of 46 events where Community members got together to discuss and share ideas. I estimate almost 800 people attended Camunda events run by our Community this year. Thanks so much to everyone who helped organize these events. I attended them myself as often as I could and I really love it when people from the Forum approach me so I can finally put a face to a name! If you see me at an event or conference make sure you say hi.

The biggest meetups this year happened in Brazil and Russia - where more than 100 people attended. Great achievement to those community organizers! Lastly, a big thanks for Camunds’s very own Community Manager @luca_celine , who helps people who want to kick off a local Camunda Community where they are. If you’re inspired to do that you can always email us at or you can take a look at our meetup page. You can also see the locations of all the communities around the world on meetup itself.

Thanks for the fun year everyone - see you next time!



More than a hundred in Russia? Wow, puts some pressure on our shoulders!

@all: if you guys are in Berlin, check out and see if the Berlin bunch is having a meeting.

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