Camunda Cycle: Issues with special characters

Issue #1:

When running a custom connector and selecting one of the roundtrips there are calls to the implementations of Connector.getContentInformation(ConnectorNode) and Connector.getContent(ConnectorNode)

In the method getContentInformation the passed ConnectorNodes ID returns the String with all special characters.
Right after, in the method getContent, the passed ConnectorNodes ID has replaced all special characters with Char-Unknown((char)65533).

When clicking on the picture of the Diagram to get a better view, both methods pass a Node with IDs that don’t display special characters.

Issue #2:

The filesystem-connector throws an exception when passed a bpmn-diagram that has special characters in its name.
Furthermore it won’t display the image.
The file is displayed in the camunda-modeler without any issues.

I’m no expert here, and this may be an ignorant answer, but I know that in XML you have to represent certain characters in a specific manner. The following isn’t going to display correctly. Remove any quotation marks from the XML equivalents:

Less than symbol (<) = "&"lt;
Greater than symbol (>) = "&"gt;
Ampersand symbol (&) = "&"amp;
Apostrophe symbol (’) = "&“apos;
Quotation symbol (”) = "&"quot;

I hope this helps.


Thanks for the input, but these issues have nothing to do with the content of the bpmn xml.

The first, as far as I can tell, is because there is a change in internal string encoding between the two method calls.
The second only applies to the name I gave the .bpmn file

Oh and when using the word special characters I had “äöüß” in mind. Probably should have specified that.