Camunda Cycle Signavio Connector issue

Hi there,

I am trying to use Camunda Cycle to roundtrip between Camunda and Signavio. I used the default settings for H2 db. Over and over in the past and now again the cycle’s Signavio connector stopped working. I have a big list of roundtrips against Signavio connector, so all my previous work is useless unless I can fix the Signavio connector. I have used the same params that I used in the past and it stopped working all of a sudden. It fails whenever I hit connector’s Test button with a “CycleException: Could not login into connector ‘Signavio’. The user name and/or password might be incorrect”. But I have tested the user and password and they are just fine.

Did anyone have the same issues as I do?

Thank you.


I just installed Camunda Cycle from scratch and I have the same issue. Has anything changed in the way Camunda Cycle and Signavio work together?

Hi Cristian,

currently it works fine on my computer.

But in passed times, when my user was enabled to work in two different workspaces in Signavio (or how they call it there) I wasn’t able to get a connection to Signavio from Cycle.

Do you have to choose in Signavio where to work after the login to web editor?

Cheers, Ingo

Thank you so much, you are so great, guys!.

I thought about the second workspace, but wasn’t sure. Do you have any plans to make Cycle work for multiple workspaces? And what can I do now? I already lost two days by trying to come up with a solution. Any ideas, please?