Camunda different history level for 2 process using same DB


We are having 2 process using the same DB, however we require to keep below history level for each process.

Process A - history-level : ACTIVITY
Process B - history-level : FULL

The issue we are facing is because of ACT_GE_PROPERTY, as it is created with history-level with Process A and when we try to run the Process B on same DB is throws history-level mismatch exception and the process doesn’t start.

Is there any config changes we can do so that we can have each process have its own history-level and point to same DB. I know AUTO is an option however in this case it will take whatever the DB has in place.

Can anyone please help.


@shubhams For per process level history you need to override the default history level implementation.

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Hi @aravindhrs,

Thanks for the response.
As we are using spring boot based embedded Camunda. Can we not pass any property in the properties file to solve our purpose.

Yes. You can. From the given example history level is configured in extension elements and its extracted at runtime like below:

Property based approach:
This property you can set it in yaml file also something like below:

          - <processDefinitionKey>
          - <history level>

Note: These are not built-in properties. These properties you need to generate out of the box, and follow the example implementation.

I suggest that given example is more sufficient to use per process level history instead of reinventing the wheel.

Thanks @aravindhrs. Will explore this and update here shortly.