Camunda dotnet Test automation


Can you guide me , I am unable to find anything for test automation of dotnet Camunda project.

Thanks in advance

Hey @SanTyagi

not sure whether I got you right but were you looking for a getting started guide for C#? camunda-platform-get-started/csharp at main · camunda/camunda-platform-get-started · GitHub


@Zelldon Thanks for the reply.
We have already the dotnet camunda project .
we need help with automation testing for this project.
Java camunda project we can do automation testing using IntelliJ IDEA or Mockito etc. But we are unable to find something to automate dotnet camunda testing

I can’t provide you a solution but I can give you some ideas on how I do it in the c# client.

For example in the unit tests I use a stub for the gateway see an example here zeebe-client-csharp/BaseZeebeTest.cs at main · camunda-community-hub/zeebe-client-csharp · GitHub

For integration tests I use test containers can find an example here zeebe-client-csharp/ZeebeIntegrationTestHelper.cs at main · camunda-community-hub/zeebe-client-csharp · GitHub

Hope that helps.


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