Camunda engine embedding

I am pretty new at Camunda.
At the moment I’m trying to integrate Caminda Engine in my web-application. So, i have my spring.xml, and going by Getting started guide. I have some questions and hope you can help me.
First: if i’m integrating camunda in my app, they share context, right?
Second: my app already have database connection, but i can see in example what engine uses explicitly defined bean “datasource”. So, if i define this datasource with existing paramerets, my app and engine will use the same connection pool? I’m getting optimistic lock exceptions. Can i fix it, or can i somehow use for engine an existing datasource (my app is based on cuba platform)?

Hi @Anastasia,

Which kind of context do you mean? If class loading context: that is correct.

If they use the same bean, yes.

Optimistic locking exceptions are to be expected in certain situations. See for details. should give you an idea how to limit the impact of transaction rollbacks.