Camunda External Task in Javascript

Dear Community Members,

Inside my process flow, I am using Service Task for a couple of steps linked to External Task implemented in js. The local version of external task handler works absolutely fine but when I host it on to Azure as an app, it works but -
A. It is slow in picking up the tasks
B. In the logs, it shows a number of times polling failed with RequestError: connect ETIMEDOUT…

I was planning to play with asyncResponseTimeout & interval options but not sure as it is working absolutely fine in my machine.

Can you please suggest what could be the issue when the app is running in Azure. Just FYI, for now it is just very low influx of tasks… probably one at a time as I am just testing one process instance…


Hello @Ankit_Srivastava ,

I am not an expert in Azure, but:

Does Azure limit the size/availability of the Http Connection Pool?
Does Azure set a default timeout on open Http Connections?

Maybe this helps you to find the root cause.


Thanks for your reply Jonathan,

I tried with following options for the client and since then, did not see any ETIMEDOUT error in the logs:
interval:30, asyncResponseTimeout:120000

For now, it has solved the issue and tasks are being picked up almost instantaneously as soon as these are created but would like to hear some comments if this is the way to go.


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