Camunda features in Zeebe?


i just need to ask
-if the process instance modification/migration features are supported in zeebe or not ?
-is Zeebe uses Camunda engine in his internal work for processing bpmns ?
-is Zeebe broker image free for comertial usage ? it seems to me that Zeebe licence is not clear enough, can you help me to use zeebe in a legal way ?


Hey @ossema

  1. No
  2. No
  3. It depends.

It grants users all rights to use, modify and distribute Zeebe freely (including for commercial purposes) under two conditions:

  1. Users are not allowed to use Zeebe for providing a Commercial Workflow Service in the Cloud,
  2. Derivative works (changes to Zeebe) must be placed under a license which respects the Conditions in the Zeebe Community License 1.0 as well (while there is no obligation to make the source code of these changes available).

See the License FAQ Zeebe License Overview and FAQ | Zeebe

Hope that helps.